Bamboo Benefits Bang the Fashion Scene

Using bamboo as materials in producing an eco-friendly clothing brand have been progressing the fashion trends today. Thus, demands for bamboo fabrics are also increasing because of the different benefits provided by organic bamboo.

With Down to Earth Fashion’s mission to make comfortable, cutting edge eco-friendly clothing, you don’t only get to fashionably wear your mood for the day, but you also get to help in maintaining our environment by using eco-friendly materials.  Now you don’t have to worry about what to wear during every season/weather. Bamboo can be anything you would want to wear especially with the constantly shifting climate. It’s like wearing fashionably, and comfortably at the same time in a practical way.

Take these Down to Earth Fashion dresses into consideration:

The Drape dress. This Drape Dress brings comfort to your day and can be used for almost any occasion hanging nicely around your sides and protecting your shoulders.

Drape Dress


You may also want to try Deb’s dress with a high neckline that ends just below the knee. This could be a perfect sleeveless for a day out with friends, paired with your favorite scarf.


Or, you could get some sun with the Sun dress. Whether you’re out for the day or night, this dress could make a good impression on you. It exudes class and sexiness at the same time. The Sun dress looks perfectly good on your heels.


The Long Layered dress gives you a feeling of warmth, simply because it’s white in color. It radiates happiness because of its light, easy breezy effect through its details such as the layers at the bottom. Add a colorful beaded necklace, and you’re ready to go.


If you want to go down town for a stroll, then the Cowl Neck singlet dress, with a scarf-like neckline could be perfect, especially if it’s paired with your favorite flat sandals.


With its button down and sharp collar, the Button dress in white gives you a casual, yet formal feel. It could even be possible flaunt it on the beach or in the office.

 d2ef5 Take your pick. What’s important is, you feel comfort in any dress you wear.



How to Fashionably Wear Linen Clothing

You all know that Linen is perfect to wear, especially when it’s summer, or just whenever you feel very warm. While we’re finally spared from the summer heat, as it is over already, the weather can be unpredictable and can shift constantly. Aside from its capacity to beat the heat, linen can make for a raffishly sophisticated look.


To know more about how to wear linen clothing it is better if you know its properties and how to get the best out of them. What is linen? It’s a natural fiber made from the stalks of a plant called flax. This fiber is known as the world’s strongest fibers that it gets even stronger when wet. So, no worries when it rains while wearing linen. Plus, it absorbs 20% moisture before it starts to feel wet. As we’ve mentioned above, linen can be perfect for the warm days because of its coolness, making it highly breathable compared to cotton.


As women with more delicate skin compared to men, it’s very important to wear skin-friendly fabrics. Our skin is covered by multiple fabrics—fabrics that keep us cool, fabrics that keep us warm, and of course, fabrics that make us comfortable and look great. Linen is the all-in-one fabric you might just be looking for!

To wear linen confidently, it’s best to embrace its rumpledness. So, how to wear the wrinkle-prone, naturally-dyed fabric, while still looking fashionable?

  • Get your loose-fitting linen jumpsuit out of your closet, or a roomy dress. Then, pair it with slides or high heels.
  • Another way to rock linen is to pick up a great top and a pant. These two could make a great combo.
  • Pair your denim shorts with an embroidered, sheer linen blouse to achieve that boho look. A tailored black pants could also be elegant to look.
  • Have a mix of practicality and fun with a sheer, oversized, embroidered shirt dress as a top and a white sneakers.
  • Culottes are noticeably everywhere today, go pick up a pair in linen.
  • A high neck top with a swing shaped linen is a great choice for warmer days.
  • Feel a taste of a men’s look with a loose-fitting white vest linen. This better looks if you wear a white dress underneath it. And finally, a white linen pants to achieve a monochromatic look.

If you don’t seem to know where to start, then better look for linen shirts first and feel a taste of what it’s like to wear linen. From there, you would know what other types of linen clothing that best suits you. Or you can visit Down To Earth Fashion and it will redirect you to great ideas of how to wear linen more fashionably.

Enhance your wardrobe with ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly clothing

Unfortunately, some of you may have been born with hyper-sensitive skin and discover that garments made of synthetic materials cause irritation to your skin. Revamping your wardrobe with all-natural garments like silk, pure cotton, linen and bamboo fabrics will surely make a positive result in your everyday living.

Why should you opt for natural fabrics?

  • It has high absorption quality and a unique moisture wicking ability which permits ventilation through the garment to dry the dampness. Synthetic fabrics, on the other hand, are water resistant and can’t wick moisture since it has zero water absorption.
  • Natural fabrics such as Bamboo, Linen, Silk, and Cotton are naturally hypoallergenic and have unique anti-bacterial properties.
  • Natural fabrics are a sustainable choice. These materials are made from trees, plants or animals that can be regrown and replaced over time. Natural fabrics are biodegradable and eco-friendly. They have the ability to decompose once they have reached the end of their life or can be readily reused and recycled.



Bamboo is anti-fungal and odour resistant since it has anti-microbial bio agent known as “bamboo kun.” This natural anti-bacterial agent is preserved during production. Using this kind of fabric is also advisable both for babies and adults who have highly sensitive skin. Synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester, and rayon are man-made fabrics which can easily irritate sensitive skin or has the potential to worsen other forms of allergy.

Bamboo is known to be the fastest-growing grass. It is grown organically and thrives without needing any pesticides or fertilizers. In most cases, growing of bamboo can be considered sustainable.


Linen fabric is made from the cellulose fibers of the flax plant. It has high absorption quality, and is also a good conductor of the heat.  Linen resists stains and dirt, withstands hot temperatures and tends to get softer even after 20 years of use. Linen also contains natural antibacterial and germ-killing properties that stops bacterial growth with results in prevention of fungal diseases, and damaged skin infections.

By far, the best clothing fabric for women to ensure comfort in warm weather and hot climates is made from 100% Linen. This natural fabric helps to absorb sweat and allows the skin to breathe. Linen clothing is also ideal for women with sensitive skin and those who suffer from hot flushes.

Add charm and trendiness to any attire by choosing Down to Earth Fashion’s Bamboo and Linen collections. Look extremely fashionable with these natural, soft, and sensual fabric that ensures maximum comfort, functionality and style for everyday living.

Embrace Plastic Free Living: Choose Organic Bamboo Fabric

It’s a strong yet delicate and soft fabric woven traditionally using a yarn produced from bamboo pulp. Because of its flowing and gentle drape, luxurious softness, eco-friendly cachet, and reasonable cost compared with other fabrics such as silk and cashmere – bamboo has gained its credibility throughout the fashion industry.


The antibacterial property of bamboo

Japanese scientists have discovered the unique anti-bacterial agent of bamboo known as “bamboo kun”. This substance, is proven to give it the antibacterial property which remains even after more than 50 washes. Other similar studies conducted in China and India have also provided further support for the previous research. These studies have investigated the antibacterial nature of bamboo-rayon fabric against even extreme levels of bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Both studies claim that the bamboo fabric show excellent antibacterial activities against both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria.

Bamboo vs. Cotton

As our world gets greener, many people have embraced eco-friendly products. Thus, bamboo has gained its popularity among these folks.  Bamboo being an easily renewable resource might be its major advantage.  It only requires a little amount of water to grow and can be grown with or without pesticides or herbicides, while cotton often requires pesticides in large amount in order to grow.

Bamboo is often described as feeling like cashmere because of its softness.  Since bamboo fiber itself is naturally smooth without needing any chemical treatment, there will be no sharp spurs to irritate the skin.  This only means that bamboo fabric can be worn by those who are suffering from allergies without any problem. The softness and the durability of the bamboo fabric can be described to be getting even softer with each washing. The unique antibacterial quality which can be found naturally in the fiber makes it naturally antibacterial, and odor resistant. However, this property cannot be found with cotton.


Reasons To Switch To Bamboo Fabric

Clothes which are made of bamboo hold up much longer than synthetic clothes. Bamboo fabric seem to last in beautiful shape even after multiple washings. Bamboo clothing might be more costly than the synthetic ones, but it’s surely a better investment in the long run.

Bamboo fabric is more sustainable than synthetic fibers which require high energy use. It only requires a small amount of water, and grows rapidly –it can be harvested within four years and doesn’t need to be replanted.  It needs neither fertilizers nor pesticides to grow so it’s planting can be used to counteract the damaging effects of deforestation.

Style and Comfort in One Place

Bamboo and Linen clothing are the next big thing you should know about in the world of fashion today! You may be wondering how bamboo can turn into clothing, but you read that right. Down to Earth Fashion lets you know more about these clothing collections that are all set for you!


During the ancient times, bamboo has been very useful to man. Aside from the fact that it’s a plant, it can also be used and turned into different things using its parts. It can turn into furniture pieces, even into a wooden set of speakers, and now bamboo plant is also making a mark in the fashion industry! Bamboo clothing is one of the two collections that Down to Erath Fashion is bringing you. We opt for bamboo to include in our collections because of the following facts:

Bamboo’s Eco friendliness is one of the factors why we consider it in our clothing line. It is a conservational wonder-plant because it doesn’t require the use of chemicals, and it needs only a little amount of water to grow. Thus, it absorbs more carbon dioxide compared with cotton and releases more oxygen which make the quality of air in the environment cleaner. Now, imagine a single cotton shirt consuming up to over 2,000 liters of water to grow. It’ll make you choose bamboo anyway!

Sustainability is another reason. Given the fact that it grows faster, it can refill itself within only a year compared with cotton which highly demands to be replanted every harvest, plus the watering to achieve the ideal growth. So, bamboo is way more practical to use!

Softness and pleasantness. It is extremely soft when converted into clothing which gives you a pleasant feeling, especially when touching it. Who wouldn’t want to be cloaked with comfort, right?

Absorbency. According to some studies, bamboo has better moisture absorbency properties compared with cotton and polyester.

And lastly, UV Protection. It has the power to protect you from the sun’s heat in comfort.

Given these facts/benefits of using bamboo in clothing, would you still opt for those that are not environment-friendly? Of course you can wear what you want, but don’t you think it’s more comforting to wear earth-friendly clothing without compromising the style?

At Down to Earth Fashion, style and comfort are our things! We give you the best comfort and the style you’ve been wanting to channel!

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